Cascina Ronco Fanti is a farmstead and a teaching farm near the small town of Voltaggio, located in the the mountains (Appennino Ligure) between the regions of Liguria and Piedmont, and in the proximity of the Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Park.

The farmstead, with its teaching farm and cottage, is open year-round, whether for short or long stays, to those who want to enjoy a unique rural experience. At the farm, we offer hands-on learning activities which are open to small groups and to schools. During the summer, we also organize one week-long camps for children and youth.

Guests who come here enjoy the countryside life and take part in conducting with us seasonal farming activities, such as caring for the vegetable garden, wood cutting, or, during the summer, partake in the haymaking. Guests also take part in the activities of the multifunctional laboratory, where we make goat cheese, and, at times, honey. Further, year-round, guests have the opportunity to observe the farm animals in their natural setting, observe their habits and learn about their care and the diversified use of their products.

Gianfranco e Laura

The Cottage

In addition to the main house, the farmstead offers a separate cottage to visitors who want to enjoy short or long stays. The cottage, recently renovated, is a two-story house, with living room and kitchen downstairs, and two bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs. Guests have also access to the ample courtyard and, in the summer, enjoy the swimming pool.

The Surrounding

There are a number of recreational activities that guests can access in the surrounding area, including:

  • Serravalle Outlet e Retail Park
  • Mushroom picking in the surroundings woods
  • Fishing and hunting in designated areas/reservations
  • Hiking in the Capanne di Marcarolo Natural Park
  • Golfing
  • Wine tasting
  • Road biking and mountain biking trails

Summer Camps

During the summer, the farmstead offers the opportunity to spend a unique holiday on its premises. Guests can stay in the cottage or camp in the surrounding fields and spend one or more week at the farmstead, immerse in nature, enjoying swimming in the pool or river, doing sports, and taking part in the farm life. This type of vacation offers a unique opportunity to explore nature, to take a break from cell phones, computers, and video games, and learning independence skills, under the guidance and supervisions of trained adults.



Come raggiungerci

da Genova, uscita casello autostradale di Busalla, proseguire direz. Borgo Fornari – Passo della Castagnola –Voltaggio.
Da Alessandria direzione Novi Ligure, giunti a Gavi proseguire sulla S.P. direzione Voltaggio.
Da Milano autostrada A7 direzione Genova uscita Serravalle Scrivia, proseguire per Gavi – Voltaggio.
Giunti di fronte al paese di Voltaggio dalla strada provinciale principale ci si immette nella laterale Valle Barca e dopo aver percorso 1,5 km deviare a sinistra su strada bianca, percorrerla fino in fondo per circa 1 Km.


Azienda Agricola Cascina Ronco Fanti
di Gianfranco Portelli
15060 Voltaggio (AL)
P.I. 02273040069

Tel. 010.960.1486
Cell. 335.640.1894
Cell. 335.815.0068

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